Parks and Recreation Board

Members are appointed for 3 year terms.

Member Name Term Expiration Date
Tim Hoffman December 31, 2025
Chad Staver December 31, 2026
Cindy Wilberding December 31, 2026
Deb Hankens December 31, 2024
Ray Mullins, Jr.  December 31, 2024

The Cherokee Parks & Recreation Board consists of five members appointed by the City Council.  The following are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board.

1. Encourage and promote community awareness and input by conducting interest surveys, meetings, distribution of publicity and other appropriate communication opportunities.

2.  Assist and promote efforts for fund-raising campaigns as well as identifying and working to acquire state and federal grants.

3.  Assist the Park & Recreation Departments staff in recruitment of volunteers for recreation programs and park and trail development.

4.  Encourage the maintenance of park and recreational facilities, including the development of maintenance standards.

5.  Advise and recommend to the Cherokee City Council on actions potentially affecting parks, recreational facilities and programs.

6.  Cooperate with other governmental agencies with regard to the advancement of park and recreational opportunities.

 7.  Work to identify the recreational needs of the community.

416 West Main Street, Cherokee IA 51012 (712) 225-5749