Wastewater Division

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant

5475 River Road
Phone No. 712-225-5501
e-mail: wastewater1@evertek.net

 Sanitary Sewer System
The Cherokee Wastewater Division is made up of a staff of three certified operators.  We all take great pride in following Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources and EPA rules and regulations when transforming the raw wastewater from the city's residents and businesses into a usable and safe end product for the environment. 

Cherokee's wastewater plant takes care of all of the city's wastewater.  We discharge the plant into the Little Sioux River, which we strive to help keep clean for recreation and fishing.  We maintain the plant and keep it in the best working condition possible so that everything works smoothly and produces the best quality water possible to discharge.  We understand that everyone downstream counts on us to maintain the best water quality for reuse, if needed. 

We have our own lab and all of our personnel are able to do lab work.  Our primary lab person does a great job and keeps us aware of any biological problems out in the plant.  An average flow of 800,000 gallons of water a day flows through the municipal plant, and approximately 500,000 gallons a day flows through the industrial plant.

We have eight personnel on-call from three city departments available to help us provide coverage 24 hours a day/seven days a week..  We have six lift stations in the city, all maintained by the Wastewater Dept.  We are proud of our facility and invite everyone to stop by and check us out!

Wastewater Foreman:  
Plant Operator: Luke Dobson  
Plant Operator: Rob Stines
416 West Main Street, Cherokee IA 51012 (712) 225-5749 cityckech@evertek.net